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Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Our Approach

Whether you're a dedicated athlete with a serious training schedule or a weekend warrior who is active only occasionally, we are the area’s sports medicine and injury specialists, and we are here to keep you active!

The experienced physicians at Augusta University Sports Medicine diagnose and treat the full range of sports injuries in athletes and active people. Skilled caregivers perform thorough evaluations to determine which physician best suits your needs.

As the region’s only comprehensive sports medicine program, Augusta University Sports Medicine is a leader in preventing and treating sports-related injuries for the athlete in all of us. When we say we are comprehensive, we mean just that. We offer:

  • Sports Medicine expertise:  Our board-certified and fellowship-trained sports medicine specialists include orthopaedic surgeons, primary care physicians and advanced practice professionals (nurse practitioners and physician assistants).
  • Subspecialist: We can easily refer patients with sports injury-related problems to our many specialists including eye specialists, plastic surgeons, oral surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists and more.
  • Care coordination. We make sure you see the right specialists for your complex injury, and we work together on your case. 
  • Advanced technology: We use motion analysis software, isokinetic testing and concussion testing software to evaluate athletes for diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Level I Trauma Center: As the region’s only Level I (highest level) trauma center, you know that you can rely on us for the most complex, life-changing injuries. 
  • Licensed Certified Athletic Trainers: We have athletic trainers who work with professional and student athletes on the field and in the clinic.
  • Licensed sports physical therapists (PTs): Who treat athletes in our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center West Wheeler Rehabilitation Center.

Affiliated Programs and Centers

At Augusta University Sports Medicine, our focus is as much on prevention as it is treatment, our programs focus on keeping you healthy and active and include the following:

  • Regional Concussion Center: We provide education, prevent and treat concussions.
  • Athlete’s heart program: Together with Augusta University cardiologists, we offer screening and care to catch and treat heart problems in athletes before there’s a problem.
  • Golf injury prevention and rehabilitation: With our Titleist-certified golf rehabilitation specialists.
  • Fall sports injury clinic: We treat your child’s non-emergent sports injuries on Saturdays during high school football season.

The sports medicine specialists at Augusta University treat patients using a variety of services depending on the severity of an injury. We will always attempt a nonsurgical solution whenever possible. We offer:

  • Advanced fixation, for simple to complex fractures and broken bones.
  • Injections and aspirations, to relieve pain and inflammation for acute or chronic injuries.
  • Orthopaedic Surgery, we perform both traditional surgery and innovative Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), using arthroscopic procedures.
  • Physical therapy (PT), our specially trained PTs offer treatment in an onsite, state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility. 
  • Prescriptions, for things like bracing, orthotics and medications.

Augusta University Sports Medicine's Outreach Program provides Certified Athletic Trainers to meet the needs of recreational, scholastic and collegiate athletes throughout Augusta’s River Region. Recognized as allied health care professionals by the American Medical Association, these skilled professionals work under the direction of a licensed physician and offer their services to:

  • Promote injury prevention.
  • Recognize, evaluate and treat on-site injuries.
  • Help manage injuries and return athletes to play in a safe and timely manner.
  • Provide game, practice and event medical coverage.
  • Bracing, splinting and taping athletes.
  • Develop home exercise programs.
  • Help athletes improve their performance.
  • Work closely with coaches, school nurses and Augusta University physicians.
  • Develop educational programs.

Trusted care for the region’s best athletes 

Augusta University Sports Medicine is proud to be the official health care provider for the following local, regional and national teams and organizations:

  • Augusta GreenJackets Baseball 
  • IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta
  • Augusta University Half Marathon and 10K
  • Augusta University Jaguars
  • Paine College 
  • Aiken-Augusta Swim League 
  • Newman Tennis Center 
  • Augusta Rugby Club 
  • The Augusta Ballet
  • Tactical Athletes (law enforcement and emergency personnel)

Area schools we work with 

  • Academy of Richmond County
  • A.R. Johnson Magnet School
  • Augusta Preparatory Day School
  • Cross Creek High School
  • Davidson Fine Arts High School
  • Glenn Hills High School
  • Lucy C. Laney High School
  • Midland Valley High School
  • Silver Bluff High School
  • Strom Thurmond High School
  • T.W. Josey High School
  • Westminster Schools of Augusta
  • Williston-Elko High School

We are the region’s largest team of Certified Athletic Trainers, if your son or daughter plays a sport, chances are, the medical professionals sharing the field with them are athletic trainers from Augusta University Sports Medicine.

Who We Are

Certified Athletic Trainers are very different from personal trainers. They are licensed allied health professionals, earning a four-year degree and passing a national board of examinations.

They are licensed and trained to evaluate and diagnose, as well as treat and rehabilitate, injuries in the entire athlete - from concussions to ankle sprains. Think of us this way, we are like an extension of a physician, a physical therapist, a nurse and a paramedic - all rolled into one.

What We Do

Our athletic trainers see patients in-clinic, but are usually out in the community at practices, home games and even some away games. Our goal is to provide the best quality care as efficiently and as effectively as possible so athletes can perform at their best and avoid injuries.

Certified Athletic Trainers are often an athlete’s main source of primary health care. They provide:

  • Pre-season physicals and screenings, including cardiac screenings
  • Injury evaluation and diagnosis
  • Treatment and rehabilitation, including bracing, orthotics, splints and casting
  • Prevention, focusing on the right mechanics to avoid injury and a concussion education program.
  • Education, including home exercise programs.
  • A Saturday football injury clinic (during football season).

Athletic Trainers Leading Academic Success

Augusta University's Athletic Trainers are also involved in helping students in the classroom. Through our program, Athletic Trainers are teaching health care career or sports medicine classes in local high schools.

The goal is to develop students’ interest in a healthcare career and to educate them about the healthcare field in general.

Every March, more than 200 students also spend a day at Augusta University Medical Center to learn more about sports medicine and other healthcare fields and to tour the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University and the College of Allied Health at Augusta University.


Our Providers

Augusta University Medical Center specialists provide care and support throughout your entire healthcare journey.

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